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Here at Sandia BMW we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and our entire staff is here to help you fulfill your dream of owning a BMW.

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Ken Koehler
Director of Operations

Ken Koehler is the Sandia Automotive Director of Operations and has been with the company for ten years. He works out of the Albuquerque dealership, but oversees each dealership in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Ken moved to Albuquerque from Rhode Island, where he held the same job title and has been with BMW for 34 years.

Ken says that he likes working for Sandia Automotive because of the people, "This is a unique work environment where most employees love what they do and are happy with their employer. That happiness makes Sandia Automotive a very positive place to be and fortunately this attitude spills over to the customer in the form of a great experience as well.  We have lots of self-proclaimed 'Lifers' here.  The lack of turnover is a rare in the car business, but I'd say our percentages are so low they would be strong compared to any industry," says Ken.

Ken loves sports and being from New England he follows the teams in that area, but mostly hockey and he is a diehard Boston Bruins fan. Ken claims to have had a little trouble adjusting to New Mexico when he first moved here. Then he met his wife of six years, Ashley, who grew up in Albuquerque. Ashley and her family have Ken experiencing New Mexico to the fullest!

When asked what his favorite car is, Ken said, "I get asked that all the time as I am fortunate that I am in the position to drive a company car (demonstrator) and have for my entire tenure with BMW.  I give the same answer as when people ask me what my favorite season is, 'the next one'."

Barry Bolio
General Sales Manager

Barry Bolio has been with Sandia BMW for 11 years. He was a GSM for a BMW/Land Rover dealership in West Texas. Before that he started his career here in ABQ at Perfection Honda(1993) as a lot porter and worked his way up the managerial chain learning/experiencing the many different roles. 

Barry says that he likes the feeling of connection that Sandia BMW has with its Customers and Employees, "It is one that is so difficult to replicate in a big corporate store. We have the Respect, Encouragement and full Support of our Owner and Management that allows us to do our jobs at the highest level. That "Family" feel is just right for everyone!" Says Barry.
Barry's favorite BMW is the Austin Yellow BMW M4.  Outside of work Barry enjoys skiing his favorite mountain, Taos, mountain biking the foothills of Albuquerque, and exploring all the bike trails that intertwine all of New Mexico's restaurants and breweries.
Barry grew up in Albuquerque and graduated from La Cueva. He spent 2 years at TVI/CNM to become an Architect, but found he had a knack and love for the car business and decided to follow his gut. 

Fred Badgett
Pre Owned Sales Manager

Fred Badgett has worked for Sandia Automotive since 2005 and couldn't see himself working anywhere else. He started working for the company as a Client Advisor and after doing that for seven years he was promoted to Pre Owned Sales Manager in 2012. Fred says that he is honored to work for Mike Houx and Sandia Automotive, "Integrity and a commitment to excellence lured me here and continues to keep me motivated to give 110% to the Company."

Fred's favorite car is the BMW M3 Sedan, "The model year doesn't matter," says Fred, "They are all great cars with BMW screaming from under the hood of each Generation!"

When he isn't at work Fred enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids.  He also enjoys traveling, usually by car because driving is one of his favorite things to do.   Fred is an avid Baseball and Football fan and also enjoys hiking and snowmobiling. 

Roxy Baranchik
Client Advisor

Roxy has worked for Sandia BMW for over 15 years.  Before she worked for Sandia BMW, she worked in the airline industry locally at the Sunport Airport in Albuquerque.  She was born and raised in the Land of Enchantment and went to El Dorado High School.  She has always had a passion for expensive cars with no means to afford one. She then decided to start a new career at Sandia BMW and wasn't sure how her future would play out after that. Now, fifteen years later, Roxy says that her career at Sandia BMW has not only allowed her to drive the car of her dreams but she gets to learn about the company and how it's managed on a daily basis.  Her other passions include her family and two dogs. Roxy also loves mountain biking in her spare time and driving her BMW every day, "It's like being spoiled every day of the year," she says.  

Greg Cuoco
Client Advisor

Greg Cuoco has worked for Sandia BMW since August 10, 2000. Having done a number of things in the scientific community, home repair, small business owner and other sales opportunities, he has found that he has a home at Sandia BMW, "I feel like family here," he says, "I can't imagine working anywhere else". Greg went to UNM in the 70's and early 80's and studied electrical engineering. At that time he was working at Kirtland Air Force Base, in the Air Force Weapons Lab and he found that to be very interesting work. In his pass time, he is currently restoring a vintage automobile and loves vegetable gardening. He and his wife and are on their eighth BMW and he claims that the i3 is their best BMW to date. Albuquerque has been Greg's home for nearly 40 years and he has so much history and appreciation in the Albuquerque community. 

Tony Harris
Client Advisor

Tony Harris started his career at Sandia BMW in March of 1999 and has worked as the pre-owned sales manager and currently as a Client Advisor.  He grew up in Southend-on-Sea in England and came to the United States in 1973.   After coming over seas Tony almost immediately started working in the automobile industry and worked for Hornburg Jaguar in Santa Monica California.  He has also sold Porsche, Audi and Mercedes Benz in Seattle Washington.  Tony says that he really enjoys selling BMW's and feels that Sandia BMW is by far the best dealership to work for in Albuquerque. He is an avid soccer fan and enjoys watching the British premier league games.

Rick Herman
Client Advisor

Rick Herman has worked at Sandia BMW for ten years and has been in the automotive industry for 36 years total. He has lived in Albuquerque for 40 years and has many outside interests.  Sandia BMW, being a locally owned Company, has what Rick is looking for in a working environment, "Believing in what you sell is crucial, and I have that belief in the BMW brand," says Rick.


I normally don't write reviews, but I need to for this. I walked into Sandia BMW back in October. I was shopping for a car, and the M240i was one I was looking at. Rick Herman took me out on a drive, and by the end of it my mind was made up. But it wasn't just the Amazing car that made everything worthwhile. From the time I ordered it to the time it came in, Rick was in constant contact with me on the status. When the car got here (earlier than expected) Rick had everything lined up so I was in and out. Alex, showed me the Ins and outs of the car. He knows everything there is to know, and went over every detail like a true professional. Jill in the finance department couldn't have been any more of a pleasure to work with. Not only was she there to make sure I got the best deal, was well informed, and was getting everything I asked for, she was just a great person to have a conversation with. The manager Barry was the first person I made contact with and he ensured everything was in line with our first email contact. The service team was nothing but helpful with getting my car tints and front splitter installed. The employees walking around the dealership are always saying hi and striking up conversation. This was the best car buying experience I have ever had in my life. Great team all around.

Kurt Johnson
Client Advisor

Kurt Johnson was born and raised in Albuquerque N.M., where he attended Highland High School. Growing up he loved riding motorcycles, skiing Sandia Peak (when it had snow!) and hiking around N.M. He worked with his father, Neal Johnson, at Clinical Pharmacy from the age of 9 until he was 16. Then, he discovered his passion for food! He studied under one chef for seven years and spent the following 10 years in the restaurant industry as a pastry chef, sous chef, and an executive chef. In that time he had three amazing kids, his wonderful son, Lucian, and two beautiful daughters, Aria and Marli. His passion for the culinary arts has translated into a passion for the Ultimate Driving Machine, here at Sandia BMW. He has been at Sandia BMW since February of 2014 and couldn't see himself doing anything else. He credits his amazing managers, fellow co-workers and the best vehicles on the road, "Drive a BMW and try not to smile! I dare ya!" he says.

Rudy Lopez
Client Adisor

Rudy Lopez has been working for Sandia BMW for 19 years. He grew up in Eastern N.M. and West Texas and went to Odessa Jr. College, New Mexico Junior College and UNM to receive his BBA in Marketing and International Management. Before starting his career at Sandia BMW, Rudy worked as a Stock Broker.  He enjoys having the opportunity to meet and talk with customers about BMW and explain why it's one of the best automobiles on the road. He appreciates the support that he gets from Owner, Mike Houx, his management team, and his fellow colleagues. Rudy explains, "Everything just feels like home to me and it feels great to be part of an outstanding organization like Sandia BMW!"

Outside of work, you'll find Rudy playing, listening and collecting all kinds of music. He enjoys sports (biking, hiking and going to the gym), reading, cooking and traveling.

Earl Henson
Client Advisor

Eric Pino
Client Advisor

Chad Fiebiger
Service Manager

Jackie Herrera
Service Manager

Joseph Velasquez
Service Advisor

Leigh Chapman
Service Advisor

Jake Mueller
Service Advisor

Alex Wilks
Service Advisor

Kevin Tran
BMW Genius

Kevin Tran is one of the BMW Geniuses at Sandia BMW and he has been with the company just over a year. He started at Sandia Automotive as a receptionist, then decided that he wanted to develop is knowledge of the BMW brand and the opportunity to work as a BMW Genius was the perfect fit. Before Kevin started working at Sandia BMW he was going to school full-time at the University of New Mexico and studying Geography and Sociology. 

Kevin says the best thing about working for Sandia BMW is the customer interaction, "I've met some of the most interesting people while working here and all of whom are incredibly kind and are truly fantastic people."  Additionally, he gets to drive and learn about some of the most technologically advanced cars in the world and says his favorite car is the BMW M2. Kevin explains, in his opinion, the M2 is the right size car for him, whether it be for daily driving or exploring different environments, the M2 still packs the "punch" of an M car.

Outside of work Kevin still attends school at the University of New Mexico, so most of his free time is dedicated to school work. However, he also really enjoys hiking or just spending time up in the mountains.

Karl Zahnle
BMW Genius

Karl Zahnle is a BMW Geniuses at Sandia BMW. Before he came to Sandia BMW he was a salesman for Vivint Solar.

Karl says that he is enjoying working for Sandia BMW, "I love working with so many like minded people," says Karl, "I share common interests with almost all of my co-workers, which makes for a great work environment!" Currently, Karl's favorite car is the BMW M2 because it's sleek, fast, and perfectly proportioned.

Outside of work he enjoys longboarding, hiking, and mountain biking.